Meredith and Eyre 2012 unbraked trailer range

Meredith and Eyre produce a large range of trailers and Toller Trailers in Dorset are stockists for them

The 2012 range of Unbraked Trailers have a strong A-framedrawbar
arrangement, with a Lockable 50mm Ball Coupling as standard. The trailer is
fitted with a Meredith & Eyre heavy duty, low maintenance rubbertorsion
axle which has been proven in the Plant in-dustry and it has soft ridecharacteristics
ideal for when the trailer is empty. The Floor of the traileris made from slip
Resistant high density plywood with a tough, waterproof resincoating on both
sides. The extended ramp (with slip resistant aluminium treadplate) and low
platform height provide for a shallow approach angle when loading and

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